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See what our clinical training facilities (preceptors) are saying
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“…one of the best PA students I have ever worked with. He is eager to learn, works hard to see patients, and takes constructive criticism well. His knowledge base is exceptional for his level of training. He is not afraid to admit it if he doesn't know the answer.”
--Preceptor, Emergency Medicine

“Overall performance was excellent. Every area she attacked with zeal and she constantly was striving to improve”
Preceptor, General Surgery

“Excellent student, good fund of knowledge, reliable, focused and a pleasure to work with noted by all attending staff. Performed well with team and independently. Performed at Level of intern or resident physician--well done!”
--Preceptor, Internal Medicine

“Excellent student, out performed Interns on service and was a great team member, organized, superior notes, willing to stay late on service and assist at anytime. Excellent Job!”
--Preceptor, Internal Medicine

“Did very well in the often challenging setting of inpatient psychiatry. She consistently exhibited a strong interest in learning and maintaining a high level of patient care. She has a strong medical knowledge base…”
--Preceptor, Psychiatry

“ [Student] is very bright and was well prepared for this rotation. He was quick to jump in where needed and was able to gather appropriate information in an urgent situation. His recall and ability to filter through volumes of information and abstract relevant material was exceptional. Without a doubt he will be a great addition to this career”
--Preceptor, Geriatrics

“Was an exceptional student. She will make an outstanding PA. Her dedication, hard work, availability to her preceptors, and respect towards our patient population are all reasons that justify her great performance!”
--Preceptor, Primary Care

"I would not hesitate to recommend [the student] for employment as a PA. She will do well in Oncology should she decide to pursue this specialty. Her compassion and empathy were evident ….”
--Preceptor, Oncology Elective

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