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Health Classes at Tri-C 
HLTH-1100 Personal Health Education
03 Semester Credits
Introduction to meaning and scope of health as related to individual, family, community and society. Focuses on introspective view of physical, emotional, intellectual, social, occupational, environmental, and spiritual dimensions of health with emphasis on mechanism for positive behavior change.
Lecture 03 hours. Laboratory 00 hours. |
Prerequisite(s): None. 

HLTH-1230 Standard First Aid and Personal Safety
01 Semester Credit
Basic level first aid and one-person CPR course intended to provide knowledge and skills necessary to minimize consequences of injury and sudden illness until professional medical help arrives. Special emphasis placed on cause, effect, and prevention in relation to emergency care. Upon successful completion, student is eligible for certification in Standard First Aid by the American National Red Cross.
Lecture 01 hour. Laboratory 00 hours.
Prerequisite(s): None. 

HLTH-1300 Health and Medical Aspects of Chemical Dependency
03 Semester Credits
Focuses on health and medical considerations of alcohol and drug use. Provides overview of history of drug use, etiology of drug dependency, physiological and psychological effects of chemical abuse and effects of drug use on the individual, special populations and society.
Lecture 03 hours. Laboratory 00 hours.
Prerequisite(s): None. 

HLTH-1310 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
01 Semester Credit
[This course is crosslisted as EMT-1310. Credit can only be earned once for either course.]
Introduction to respiratory and circulatory emergencies in adults, children and infants. Instruction and treatment methods to meet American Heart Association or American Red Cross standards for CPR.
Lecture 01 hour. Laboratory 00 hours.
Prerequisite(s): None. 

HLTH-1400 Childhood Health, Safety and Nutrition
03 Semester Credits
Focuses on nutrition, health, and safety needs of infants and young children. Training provided in communicable disease recognition, prevention and management, first aid, infant/child CPR, and child abuse recognition and prevention, as required by the Ohio Day Care Licensing Rules. Nutritional requirements of infants and young children, meal planning and menu evaluation, principles of hygiene and safety in storage, preparation and serving of food are addressed. Positive health practices emphasized as integral elements in nurturing a child’s total development.
Lecture 03 hours. Laboratory 00 hours.
Prerequisite(s): None. 

HLTH-2500 Women's Health Issues
03 Semester Credits
Exploration of all dimensions of women's health, identification of health risks unique to women, evaluation of traditional and non-traditional approaches to health care problems and development of personal strategies for selection of health enhancing behaviors.
Lecture 03 hours. Laboratory 00 hours.
Prerequisite(s): ENG-1010 College Composition I, or departmental approval.

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