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Testing Information
Assessment Information for Students:

English and math assessments are mandatory at Tri-C and determine the courses for which a student may register.

Students may use qualifying ACT or SAT scores instead of taking the COMPASS math and English placement tests. Please contact a Tri-C Testing Center for information.

All assessment exam scores, including COMPASS, ACT, and SAT, are valid for course placement for two years. 

  • Students must complete the College admission process before taking the assessment tests.
  • Students are required to complete one to two hours of test preparation and turn in completed sample test questions or online preparation certificates before taking the placement tests at a Tri-C Testing Center. 
  • Students can prepare for the placement tests in one of three ways:  by attending an on-campus, in-person preparation session (the preferred method of review), by completing the online preparation course, or by completing the self-study preparation materials. Please contact one of the Testing Centers for additional information.
  • The online Placement Test Preparation course is available at Placement Prep Online Getting Started.pdf 
  • Placement test preparation materials are available for self-study at Placement Test Preparation Guides.pdf 
  • English as a Second Language placement test information is available at ESL Placement Test Preparation Guide.pdf .
  • Assessment tests are administered on computer and are not timed. Students may use only the online calculator for the math assessment.
  • Students should take assessment results to counseling appointments and/or orientation sessions. 

Tests Administered (Photo ID Required):

  • The Biology Placement Test measures students' knowledge of biology for placement into BIO 2331 or BIO 233A only.  Additional information is available at Biology Placement Test.pdf .
  • The Chemistry Placement Test measurers students' knowledge of chemical concepts for placement into CHEM 1010, CHEM 1020, or CHEM 1300.  Additional information is available at Chemistry Placement Test.pdf .
  • COMPASS Math Assessment
  • COMPASS English Assessment 
  • English as a Second Language Assessment (ESL)
  • eLearning Course Exams 
  • Classroom Make-up Exams 

Academic Course (Make-up) Testing 

  • On-campus course exams are not proctored on Saturdays.
  • Only exams for eLearning courses and Access students are proctored during Final Exam week.
  • The Testing Center will proctor on-campus course exams during Final Exam week only with academic Associate Dean’s approval.
  • All testing is on a walk-in basis; no appointment is necessary.

Testing Information for Students:
  • All tests are administered on a walk-in basis. No appointment is necessary, but plan adequate time to complete an exam.
  • Students must present photo identification for all testing services. Tri-C photo ID is preferred.
  • Students must provide faculty name, course name and number, and test number.
  • All course exams are administered precisely according to faculty instructions.
  • Students must turn off all electronic devices while in the Testing Center. No food or drink is permitted.
  • Children are not permitted in the Testing center. Please make arrangements for child care.

Testing Information for Faculty:

  • Assessment, Make-up, and eLearning course tests are administered on a walk-in basis during testing hours at Eastern, Metropolitan, and Western campuses.   
  • The Testing Centers administer exams to individual students. The centers are not able to accommodate entire classes.
  • All course exams are administered precisely according to faculty instructions. Please complete the applicable exam proctoring form which is available in each campus Testing Center.
  • When testing, students must present photo identification (Tri-C photo ID preferred) and must provide faculty name, course number, and test name and/or number.
  • To provide secure and efficient test administration, please label exams with your first and last name, course number, and test name and/or number. Color-coded tests are suggested.
  • The Eastern, Metropolitan, and Western CampusTesting Centers accept exams from faculty in person or sent through College mail. Tracked mail service is suggested. No email or faxes, please. The Testing Centers do not mail or fax completed exams to faculty.
  • Instructors provide all testing materials, including answer sheets.
  • The Testing Centers do not distribute or collect assignments or other materials.
  • Students must turn off all electronic devices while in the Testing Center. No food or drink is permitted.
  • Children are not permitted in the Testing center.


How to reach us

Eastern Campus
Carol Collins
Assessment Supervisor
Assessment, Testing, & Tutoring
ESS 1108

Metropolitan Campus
Worku Endalew
Assessment Supervisor
Assessment & Testing  MSS 103
Tutoring   MSS 4th floor Library

Western Campus
Denise Jennings
Assessment Supervisor
Assessment, Testing, & Tutoring  WTLC 115

Westshore Campus
Rose Hughes
Assistant Dean
Learning Commons
SHCS Building
31001 Clemens Road
Westlake OH  44145

CCW Building
25425 Center Ridge Road
Westlake OH  44115
Assessment Testing
Second Floor

Brunswick University Center
3605 Center Road
Brunswick OH 44212
Second Floor
Testing:  216-987-3877
Tutoring:  216-987-3879

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