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Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C®) is pleased to support the RTA Student U-Pass program. U-Pass, which is short for “Universal Pass,” allows Tri-C students to ride free of charge on all Greater Cleveland RTA buses and rapid trains during specific academic semesters. This initial program will launch with spring semester 2014. The College administers the U-Pass program based on the agreement between Tri-C and the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority.

The U-Pass program is currently only available to registered and paid credit students.

Check out the short video about the program here!


All eligible students enrolled for the full 16-week, 14-week and first 8-week sessions will receive their U-Pass via U.S. Mail to the address on file with the College Registrar’s Office once their enrollment is confirmed. You can update your mailing address on my Tri-C space through the “My Info” tab.

Students who enroll after Dec. 18, 2013 or enroll in the second 8-week session can pick up their U-Pass at their Campus Enrollment Center.


  • You must be a student enrolled in one or more academic credit hours at Tri-C.
  • Your student account must be paid in full, have authorized financial aid to cover your full tuition, or you must have a tuition payment plan in place to cover your tuition.

Policies and Regulations

  • The U-Pass is free to all eligible credit students.
  • Enrolled students will receive a new U-Pass each semester via U.S. Mail. You can update your mailing address on my Tri-C space through the “My Info” tab. Students who enroll after Dec. 18, 2013 can pick up their U-Pass at their Campus Enrollment Center.
  • The U-Pass must be placed on your My Tri-C Card in the lower left hand corner.  Do not cover your photo, ID number, name or magnetic stripe.  Do not place the U-Pass on the back of your My Tri-C Card.
  • The U-Pass is only valid on your My Tri-C Card.
  • The U-Pass program generates no revenue for the College, and as a result Tri-C personnel do not have the authority to waive the fee or make special exceptions. There is no fee for students.

Please note:  The U-Pass is intended only for the student who is registered for the Spring 2014 semester at Tri-C, and is only valid when properly placed upon that student’s official My Tri-C Card. The U-Pass is non-transferable. Fraudulent U-Pass usage may result in disciplinary action by the College. Students who withdraw from the Spring semester or change their schedule and are no longer eligible to participate in the U-Pass program must return this U-Pass to their Campus Enrollment Center with five (5) business days of their schedule change.

Benefits to the Students

  • The program greatly reduces transportation costs for our students by saving on gas and other vehicle-related expenses.
  • The U-Pass provides easier access to our campuses.
  • The program supports Tri-C’s sustainability commitment by lowering traffic volume and air pollution.
  • All Tri-C students can use the public transportation at any time. You can use RTA transit to travel on all routes anytime throughout Cuyahoga County, including downtown, to the airport, to a ball game, etc. Your utilization of the U-Pass program is not limited to only College related activities.
  • RTA availability provides a back-up mode of transportation for our students (i.e. car troubles, poor weather).
  • The program benefits all Tri-C students by helping reduce parking demand on-campus.
  • Students whill have another option for them to be able to participate in co-curricular programming, such as trips to theaters, concerts, museums and other venues.
  • Students can utilize RTA for travel to internships and off-site practicum sites associated with their on-campus learning experiences.

To plan your trip or learn about RTA services, please visit their website at or call the RTAnswerLine at 216-621-9500.

Student RTA U-Pass is non-transferable. Improper use of the pass will result in confiscation and/or prosecution.


How to reach us

Tri-C: 800-954-8742

Visit to plan your trip or learn about RTA Services
RTAnswerline: 216-621-9500

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