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Online Programs 

Tri-C offers several degree and certificate programs either 100% online or more than 50% online. For more information, click on the link for the program guides by the degree or certificate below.

 100% Online Certificates & Degrees


% online 

Program Guide Link 

 Fast Track Online Associate of Arts Option  100%  More Information
Associate of Arts  100%  Program Guide
Associate of Science  100%  Program Guide
Associate of Applied Business/Business Management with a concentration in International Business  100%  Program Guide
Associate of Applied Business/Captioning and Court Reporting  100%  Program Guide
Associate of Applied Business/Marketing  100%  Program Guide
Associate of Applied Business/Purchasing and Supply Chain Management  100%  Program Guide
Court Reporting Technology Short Term Certificate  100%  Program Guide
Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Post Degree Professional Certificate  100%  Program Guide
Partially Online Certificates & Degrees    

  % online

 Program Guide Link

Associate of Applied Business/Accounting  95%  Program Guide
Associate of Applied Business/Administrative Office Systems  95%  Program Guide
Associate of Applied Business/Business Management  95%  Program Guide
Associate of Arts/with emphasis in Business  94%  Program Guide
Office Operations Management Certificate  92%  Program Guide
Business Management (Public Administration) Certificate of Proficiency  92%  Program Guide
Associate of Applied Business/Business Management with a concentration in Small Business Management  89%  Program Guide
Associate of Applied Business/Information Technology Business Solutions  88%  Program Guide
Associate of Applied Business/Information Technology Programming and Development  86%  Program Guide
General Nutrition Certificate   85%  Program Guide
Dietary Management Certificate of Proficiency  85%   Program Guide
Basic Office Skills Short Term Certificate   83%  Program Guide
Associate of Applied Business/Business Management with a concentration in Human Resource Management  76%  Program Guide
Associate of Applied Business/Visual Communication & Design with a
concentration in Graphic Design 
 75%  Program Guide
Business Management (International Business) Post Degree Professional
 68%  Program Guide
Associate of Applied Science/Dietetic Technology  57%  Program Guide

Proctored testing may be required in some online and blended-learning courses, particularly math courses. A "suitable proctored environment" is an environment directly monitored by an instructor, testing center administrator, or other learning provider, in a physical or virtual setting, and approved by faculty. While the proctors must be approved by the instructor, some suitable proctors may include Tri-C assessment centers, other accredited college or university testing centers, and military education centers. If the testing center requires a fee, it is the student's responsibility to pay.

State Authorization:

The United States Department of Education requires all institutions of higher education to be certified in any state in which they have students. Cuyahoga Community College is authorized to offer online program in many states. Please review the list below for states where the College is not authorized to offer online programs.

Tri-C is not currently authorized to offer online programs in the following states or protectorates:

  • Alabama
  •  Arkansas
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Georgia
  • Maryland
  • Minnesota
  • New Hampshire
  • Texas

And the following protectorates:

  • American Samoa
  • Guam
  • Northern Mariana Island
  • Puerto Rico
  • U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Wake Atolls

Please follow this link: for additional information about states in which Tri-C is authorized to offer online programs. 

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