Food for Thought 

Do you have an appetite for learning, friendship and lunch? Then join us for a unique and exciting program with dynamic instructors, specialists in their fields. Each two-week course offers you a combination of exciting lectures, course interaction and an opportunity to socialize with classmates over lunch. Food for Thought: your opportunity to expand your mind and circle of friends, lunch included.

Note: The College will provide a chicken box lunch. If you prefer a vegetarian option please call 216-987-2274.

Brunswick University Center Offerings
Life is for The Birds, or is it?
What do you really know about the lives of common birds and their role in our environment and economy? Do you know the birds when you see them? Can you identify their songs?  Learn educational facts and insights that will enlighten and entertain novice birders or just those who want to understand more about them, where and how to watch them.

CRN: #32944 •
Wednesdays, 1/29 and 2/5/2014 • 11am – 2pm • Fee: $40.00
Instructor: Chuck Jakubchak, M.A., Author, Certified Naturalist, Lecturer

Opera: The Music, The Words, The Stories

Explore operatic  selections of Mozart, Bizet, Verdi and Puccini. Hear and understand the beauty of the music, the importance and meaning of the words. Which came first, the words or the music. You decide.

CRN: #32949 • Wednesdays, 3/19 and 3/26/2014 • 11am – 2pm • Fee: $40.00
Instructor: Michael Blauner, Ph.D., University Professor, Lecturer in Opera

Ohio's Own Fascinating Story
Take a glimpse at Ohio's History. Hear the  fascinating stories of its people, inventions, places and music. Appreciate the wonderful world of Ohio History.

CRN: #32945 • Wednesdays, 4/30 and 5/7/2014 • 11am – 2pm • Fee: $40.00
Instructor: Bette Lou Higgins, M.Ed., Educator, Writer

Westlake - Corporate College West Offerings
What is the Bible?
Is the Bible a history book, a story book, a set of biographies or a book of faith? Who wrote it anyway and when? If Jesus spoke Aramaic, then why is the New Testament in Greek? Did Adam really eat the apple offered by Eve? Let's see if we can answer some of these and many other questions.

CRN: #32943 •  Wednesdays, 2/26 and 3/5/2014 • 11am – 2pm • Fee: $40
Instructor: Bill Head, M.A., University Lecturer

Connecting the Dots in the Web of Life
The ecosystems of the world are both complicated and interconnected. Examine how animals and plants affect their environments and how the environment in turn dictates the survival of the organisms in the web of life.

CRN: #32948  • Wednesdays, 4/16 and 4/23/2014 • 11am – 2pm • Fee: $40
Instructor: Susan Rusnak, M.Ed., Instructor of Biology

Medina - Medina County Human Services Offerings
All That Jazz - A Short History of American Jazz
Delve into the world of jazz over the last 50 years, its roots from New Orleans to Chicago and Harlem, to the Swing Era,the  50's and 60's avante garde to jazz rock and fusion.

CRN: #32950
• Wednesdays, 2/12 and 2/19/2014 • 11am – 2pm • Fee: $40
Instructor: Bill Brauning, M.Ed. Pop Culture Historian

Genesis and The Big Bang - In Layman's Terms
Can we "line up" the six days of Genesis with 16.4 billion years since the big bang? Einstein's Law of Relativity says the answer should be "yes". In layman's terms, our goal is to show,  how science and spirituality describe the same events from their unique perspectives. Only peer reviewed science taught in universities and conventional interpretations of the Genesis text will be used.

CRN: #32946
Wednesdays, 4/2 and 4/9/2014 • 11am – 2pm • Fee: $40
Instructor: Ted Smith, BA, Lecturer, Practitioner of the Internal Healing Martial Arts, student of Religion, Philosophy

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