Scholarly Bites 

Are you looking for a stimulating and social learning experience? Join local scholars as they expand our thinking, lead us in interesting discussions and engage us in conversation, all while enjoying lunch. Learn, interact and socialize. Lunch is included.

Note: If you prefer a vegetarian lunch, call 216-987-2274.


Native American Authors, Historical Backgrounds and More
Enrich your knowledge and appreciate the contributions of Native American authors to our body of American Literature. Engage through examples from the Cherokee Nation, the Ojibwa tribe and the famous Lakota Sioux. Understand Native Americans' historical backgrounds and appreciate their views on and respect for life and the American Landscape.
Instructor: Maria Sprafka, M.A., Teacher, Lecturer

Fee: $42
When: September 23- September 30, 2014: Tuesdays
            11:00AM- 2PM

Washington, Lincoln, the Challenges of Their Time and Their Spouses
What could be more stressful than the birth of a nation and a war against itself? Learn how the Presidents' unique leadership and capability, with support of their wives, set the standard for all Presidents! Discuss their challenges and decisions, their greatness or not.
Instructor: Pamela Belknap, M.A., Speaker, Teacher, Leader

CRN: #
Fee: $42
When: October 7- October 14, 2014: Tuesdays
            11:00AM- 2PM

What Does it Mean to be "Me"? Theology Meets Science
Both the theologian and the scientist have been trying to define what consciousness is for millennia. What is the meaning of "me"? Is it just the ego and a collection of memories? As science learns more about the brain and the chemical properties of emotion, some unlikely research into DNA leads to fascinating revelations about the nature of consciousness and what it means to be human.
Instructor: Ted Smith, B.A., Lecturer, Practitioner of the Internal Healing Martial Arts, Student of Religion and Philosophy

Fee: $42
When: October 21- October 28, 2014: Tuesdays
            11:00AM- 2PM

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