Culinary Classes at Tri-C 

Tri-C's Community Education Culinary program offers courses for all types of chefs, from beginners learning basic skills to pros learning new techniques.

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Brewing Craft Beer
Join Aaron as he explores the art of craft brewing in Ohio City, Cleveland’s brewing epicenter. The students will help Aaron brew and bottle a batch of craft homebrew at Market Garden Brewery, learn how to set up your own homebrewing operation, get introduced to the science behind brewing, and meet some local brewing professionals.
No previous brewing experience or beer knowledge is necessary but you must be 21 or older to register for this class.

Market Garden Brewery
1947 W 25th St.
Cleveland OH 44113
Tue, Sep 23, 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Tue, Sep 30- Oct 14, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
CRN 41283
Fee: $74.99

Baking Bread
New classes coming soon!
The chef will demonstrate the artistry of making artisan multi grain bread and focaccia, the wonderfully rustic and versatile flat, oven-baked Italian bread and several compound butters to sample.

Fee: $39


New classes coming soon!

The Chef will teach you how to prepare delicious meals with different types of meats that will not break the bank. Learn what types of cuts are best used for different cooking techniques. She will share hints and tips for seasoning. You will acquire "tricks of the trade" that butchers use and be roasting meats like a chef.

Fee: $39

Cooking like Julia
New classes coming soon!
Julia did not start out as a great French chef. She found she had an unwavering
affection for French cooking when she moved to France.  Like all of us, she had
success and failures but, along the way, developed a true knack not only for
French cooking but also in translating the many facets of French cooking into
every day terms and techniques, accepting mistakes as part of the process.  

Join us for an evening of fun and entertainment as we explore Cooking like Julia.


Knife Skills 
New classes coming soon!
You don't need to have professional culinary training to chop and slice like the professionals! 

The Chef will show you how to be the master of the knife with a simple knife skills class that will have you chopping, slicing and cutting like the experts. This class is designed to show you everything you need to know about using knives and will help you improve your work in the kitchen.

Students will work with vegetables and will cut and break down a whole chicken.
Menu: Julienne Vegetable Bundles, Herb Roasted Chicken.


Soups and Stocks 
New classes coming soon! 
The Chef will have you making beautiful clear broth that tastes like grandma cooked in her kitchen all day long. With some basic ingredients and the right tools, you will be whipping up batches of healthy, succulent and inexpensive stocks to enhance any dish. Freeze them for a quick warm winter dinner or eat them fresh for a meal that is sure to impress as well as use up the leftover ingredients in the fridge.

Fee: $39

New classes coming soon! 

The Chef will teach you how to make healthy, sensational tasting homemade sauces, with no preservatives and less calories than store brands. Take home the recipes to make in bulk for economical dinners.

Below is a sample of the many sauces that will be made during the class:

  • Tomato Sauce
  • Alfredo Sauce
  • Garlic Cream, Lemon Cream
  • Pesto
  • Veloute
  • Tomato Lime Basil & Marsala

We'll taste test the sauces on ziti pasta.

Fee: $39

Tastes of India
New classes coming soon! 
The chef will teach you the secrets to making delicious international cuisine including Indian style Butter Chicken, Naan and Rice Pilau.  Menu items may vary with availability

Fee: $39

Tastes of Asia
New classes coming soon! 
The Chef will release the secrets to making delicious international cuisine, including crab & vegetarian sushi. A variety of succulent rolls will also be demonstrated and served.

New classes coming soon!
Consists of combination Demo/Hands-on presentation. Learn all about the different BBQ regions in the U.S. In addition to delicious samples, all attendees will get to take home four different regional barbecue sauces and make their own custom dry rub blend.

Parking at 2047 Ontario Garage (directions shall be provided)

Call Nancy Farinacci for registration, (216-987-4087)











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