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Please review the following categories and steps below:

If you have not registered for a class in the past three consecutive years:

  1. Complete an application to be Readmitted.

  2. For additional information on the application process and to access the online application view the Application Instructions.

  3. For NON-CREDIT only:  If you were previously a NON-CREDIT student and wish to re-activate your NON-CREDIT record, please contact the UTC Enrollment Center at 216-987-3075.

If you left in Good Academic Standing and have not attended any other College or University:

  1. Contact any Enrollment Center at 1-800-954-8742 to verify your personal information, reset your My-Tri-C-Space password, and verify your registration status.
  2. If you began your studies before Fall 2012 run your DARS report before you register for classes.
  3. Proceed to register online or in person at any Tri-C campus Enrollment Center.

If you left in Good Academic Standing and have attended another College or University:

  1. Have an official copy of your transcript from your previous institution mailed to:

    Cuyahoga Community College
    Office of the Registrar
    P.O. Box 5966
    Cleveland, Ohio 44101
  2. Follow steps one and two above.

If you are returning after an Academic Dismissal:

  1. Complete an Admissions Appeals Board Petition for Readmission form and meet with an Academic Counselor in any Counseling Office.  Petition forms are available in the Enrollment Centers and the Counseling Offices. Completed petition forms must be submitted to the Enrollment Center no later than 10 business days prior to the first day of class of the semester.

  2. You will be notified by letter after committee review of your eligibility to return and what courses you are eligible to enroll for.  

  3. Once approved for readmission, you must register in person at any Enrollment Center.

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If you began your studies before Fall 2012, this information is for you! 

 View the Degree Requirement Updates

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