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Tri-C is supported by the taxpayers of Cuyahoga County and assisted by the state of Ohio. Students who are not county residents pay out-of-county or out-of-state fees. A student's official residency status is determined at the point of admission according to the residency policies of the state of Ohio, the Ohio board of Regents and the Tri-C Board of Trustees. 

A change to a Cuyahoga County address does not constitute an automatic change to in-county residency for tuition purposes. It is the student's responsibility to request a change of residency status and provide supporting documentation to the Enrollment Center by the end of the first week for the term in which the student is requesting a change of residency.

There are four categories, eight exemptions, two provisions and one procedure under which a student may qualify for a change of residency status if the requirements of that category or exemption are satisfied. If you feel you qualify for a change of residency based on the list below, please download the Petition for Change of Residency form and submit, along with supporting documentation, to any Enrollment Center.

Petition for Change of Residency 10-2013


  • C-1: Student is the spouse or dependent of a legal resident of Cuyahoga County/Ohio. Residency of legal resident must be valid for the previous 12 month period prior to the start of the semester for which residency is requested.
  • C-2: Student is financially independent and has lived in Ohio for the last 12 consecutive months prior to the start of the semester for which residency is requested.
  • C-3: Student's spouse, parent or legal guardian has obtained full-time employment in Ohio prior to the semester of enrollment.
  • C-4: Student is a US military veteran, or is the spouse or dependent of a veteran who has been honorably or medically discharged with at least one year of service.


  • E-1: Student is an independent student, has resided in Ohio for less than 12 consecutive months, is employed in the state of Ohio and is attending as a part-time student.

  • E-2: Student is the spouse or dependent of active duty military personnel who has maintained their home of record as Ohio.

  • E-3: Student is the spouse or dependent of active duty military personnel who is stationed in Ohio.

  • E-4: Student, parent, or legal guardian has been transferred by an employer beyond the territorial limits of the US while maintaining Ohio residency.

  • E-5: Student, parent or legal guardian is employed as a migrant worker in the state of Ohio and has worked in Ohio for at least four months for each of the past three years.

  • E-6: Student, parent, spouse or legal guardian was a resident of Ohio prior to community service position. (VISTA, Peace Corps, Americorps for up to 24 months)

  • E-7: Student has returned to the state of Ohio due to marital hardship and has established financial dependence on parent or legal guardian; or student is the dependent of such an individual.

  • E-8: Student, parent, spouse or legal guardian is a member of the Ohio National Guard and resides in Ohio.

Effective January 2012, a newly adopted provision, called Forever Buckeye, extends the in-state resident tuition rate to any Ohio high school graduate who left the state but returned to enroll in an Ohio public institution of higher education and has established domicile in Ohio.

Effective August 2013, students who have been granted Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) under the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services' discretion may qualify to have the non-Ohio resident portion of their tuition adjusted to in-state or in-county provided residency guidelines for Cuyahoga Community College are met. The lower tuition will be in effect during the period that the DACA status is valid. DACA Form.pdf

Student who was previously an Ohio resident, has not resided outside of the state of Ohio for longer than 12 consecutive months, and has reestablished domicile in Ohio.

Additional information on the Ohio Code may be found at

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