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Starting Fall 2012, the College will implement a new Institutional Fee (Campus Security and Maintenance Fee) for all students registered for classes. This fee will replace the current student hangtag system.

Below is the tiered fee structure based on credit hours charged:
  • 1-3 credit hours (no fee)
  • 4-11 credit hours ($40.00)
  • 12+ credit hours ($60.00)

Fees effective Fall 2014:

  • 1-3 credit hours ($10.00)
  • 4-11 credit hours ($50.00)
  • 12+ credit hours ($70.00)
  • The Institutional Fee (Campus Security and Maintenance Fee) is designed to provide students with unlimited access to all Campuses, recreation facilities, Technology Learning Centers, libraries and Campus special events without having to purchase hangtags. See Institutional Fee (Campus Security and Maintenance Fee) frequently asked questions.
    Visitor Parking
    Visitor parking is available in designated areas around campus and is $1.00 for a two hour time block which must be paid at the Visitor Parking Meter Stations located adjacent to the Visitor parking area..  
    Faculty, Staff and Adjunct Faculty - Semester Permit Pricing
    Per Pay Rate - $9.10
    Annualized Rate - $200.20
    Part-time Staff & Adjuct Faculty, Semester Permit - $75.00
    Emergency Phones
    Yellow call boxes, blue beacon phones, and house phones are located throughout the college.  When activated they have a direct connection to the police dispatcher.
    Motorist Assistance (24-hours/day)  

    • Vehicle lock out assists
    •  Battery assists
    •  Fuel assists (gas can not provided)
    •  Help with contacting roadside assistance

    Overnight Parking No vehicle is to be left on College property longer than 24 hours.  Vehicles are subject to tow at the owner's expense thereafter.  If you must leave your vehicle overnight, please notify the department of Campus Police and Security Services.  The college is officially closed one hour after classes end.
    Speed Limit
    Parking Lots: 10 mph
    Roadways: East Campus 15 mph; West Campus 20 mph
    Ticket/Citation Payment
    Citations may be paid by mail or in-person at any Enrollment Center.
    Ticket/Citation Appeal Appeals must be made within 10 days of the notice of violation  by either coming to the department of Campus Police and Security Services or using the Online parking appeal form

    Parking and Traffic Regulations Rules and regulations have been adopted by the Cuyahoga  Community College Board of Trustees to regulate traffic and parking on college property.  Motorcycles, motorbikes and motor scooters are subject to the same regulations as automobiles. The motor vehicle laws of the State of Ohio are in full effect on College property.

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