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Self Improvement 


Alternative Dispute Resolution
speaker: Dr. Gary Carrington

Are You Mindful of this Moment? An informative and interactive presentation on being mindful. What does it look like when you aren't paying attention? What can you do to slow down the precious moments of today and embrace each and every moment? Come learn some techniques for being in this moment now.
speaker: Dr. Kathleen Heinlen

The Business of You: This presentation involves how to run the business of your life. Create a brand image and marketing skills by creating a unique sense of self. Get leadership skills for life that can translate to a career.
speaker: Kellie Emrich

Continuing Education and Certification: In today's economic environment, workers are training for job responsibilities that will change over time. This speech will discuss the life-long process of continuing education and certification to remain competitive. It can be customized based upon audience interest.
speaker: Victoria Berry

Creating a Strong Vision in Times of Change: A well-defined purpose can give direction and meaning to your life. It provides a map from which we are guided. Having a clear vision acts as a reminder of where you want to go and gives meaning to the process of getting there. In this session, we will explore the steps to creating a vision - whether you are clear on your goals, or not sure what direction to take. This can aid both the professional and the clients they serve.
speaker: Kerry Tobin

Creative Writing for Everyday Life:  In this talk, Dr. Luke Schlueter draws upon his many years of experience with teaching creative writing and on his own creative work in addressing the role creative writing can have in helping persons at any level achieve a fuller, richer, more aesthetically fulfilling life through creative writing.
speaker: Dr. Luke Schlueter

Cuyahoga Community College's Women in Transition Program: This free, non-credit course is designed to help women move their lives forward and serves women experiencing any type of transition, as defined by each individual. Participants receive basic computer training, help in career exploration, financial literacy enrichment, and soft skills training that examines issues such as self-confidence, attitude, time management, and personal responsibility. This speech will discuss the services offered by the Women in Transition program and how it empowers women to set and achieve goals.
speaker: Cicely D. Campbell

Defeating Self-Imposed Limitations: This is a goal setting, self-exploratory workshop.
speaker: Terry A. Webb

Happiness Then and Now: We all want happiness, but how do we reach our goal? In this training, we will explore the origins of happiness, its history and evolution. We will examine some theories of happiness and how they have defined the present day science of happiness and positive psychology. What counts as genuine happiness will surprise and delight you - and the road to our goal is easier than one might imagine. It can be learned, practiced and understood.
speaker: Kerry Tobin

Healthy Relationships
speaker: Andrea Cain Smith, Dr. Gary Carrington, David G. Nardecchia

Life-long Learning Opportunities for Seniors: Cuyahoga Community College offers a number of educational opportunities for people ages 55+ who are interested in life-long learning. This presentation will discuss these programs including on-campus class offerings on topics ranging from comparative politics to music, literature, history, botany, physical education, and more. It will also discuss courses offered in the community such as our popular "Coffee with a Curator" series featuring the curators of Cleveland's museums.
speaker: Terry Robinson

speakers: Dr. Charles Dull, Kellie Emrich, Dr. Gary Carrington

Leadership: Webster's Dictionary defines leadership as, "the power or ability to lead other people." However, it is well known that there is a difference between having the power to lead people and having the ability to lead them successfully toward shared goals. This speech will discuss characteristics of effective leaders and offer tips for developing and improving leadership skills to achieve results in team settings. This speech can also be customized based upon audience requests.
speaker: Victoria Berry

Personal Enhancement: Speaker Nirvana St. Cyr provides an interactive, "edu-taining" presentation on "personal enhancement" - gaining a level of confidence and endurance to step out of comfort zones and fulfill dreams and goals. Learn strategies to laugh in the face of fear and to overcome obstacles to achieve success both personally and professionally. This speech can be customized for a variety of audiences.
speaker: Nirvana St. Cyr

Relaxation Techniques: Stressed? I can help! Learn some easy techniques to help ease your body and mind.
speaker: Christine Phillips

Relaxation Techniques
speaker: Dr. Michelle Nicopolis

Release Yourself: Learning to acknowledge the good about you, and developing it.
speaker: Terry A. Webb

7 Habits of Highly Effective People: This presentation is modeled after Dr. Stephen Covey's best-selling book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. It shares a brief overview of Dr. Covey's three stages of effectiveness - Dependence, Independence, and Interdependence - and the cumulative seven habits that his research has determined are part of all effective leaders.
speaker: Joe Wagner

Self-Esteem: How to improve your self-esteem.
speaker: Terry A. Webb

Stress Management
speakers: Dr. Phyllis Dukes, Hector Merced

What's holding you back? Overcoming obstacles to climb the professional ladder: Obstacles can make professional success seem out of reach. Individuals facing poverty, single parenthood, a previous criminal record, or academic struggles in school may feel as if they have unsurmountable obstacles to their success. This inspirational speech will discuss overcoming obstacles to achieve your dreams by exploring your strengths, setting and working toward future goals, and believing in your ability to achieve a successful future. This speech can be customized based upon audience interest.
speaker: Cicely D. Campbell

Women Empowerment: This interactive speech explores women's views on themselves and discusses setting and achieving personal goals.
speaker: Cicely D. Campbell

Wellness: Learn why it is so much more than lack of disease.
speaker: Christine Phillips

Personal Wellness
speaker: Dr. Michelle Nicopolis

What's So Great About You Anyway?! Do you know that there is something great about you? Do you realize what it is? If not, you just might be in trouble! In this engaging presentation, participants will learn to answer specifically what is great about them; how to focus their special skills and traits to lead them to deeper purpose and greater confidence; and how to leverage their gifts into success in their academics, their lives, and/or their careers.
speaker: Suzanne Cox

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