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Current Events and the Media 

Bioethics - Reviving Higher Brain Death: This presentation discusses the definitions of brain death, the on-going debate regarding this definition, and landmark court cases involving brain death and removal of life-support. Audience participation in this discussion is encouraged.
speaker: Samuel H. LiPuma

Bioethics: Important issues affecting medicine, patient care, policy and law will be discussed in this presentation.
speaker: Ursula Matias

Business Ethics: Important and relevant topics in business ethics and society will be discussed in this presentation.
speaker: Ursula Matias

Campaign Analysis
speaker: Angela Ugran

Drugs and Alcohol: Where We Have Been and What We're Currently On: This informative entertaining presentation provides an understanding of the history of drugs in the USA, current drug trends, and policy issues facing both the local community and nation. This presentation can be tailored to multiple age groups to help educate and/or aide in prevention. Next steps are also offered. This presentation will be interactive with audience questions greatly appreciated.
speaker: Kevin Berg

Environmental Ethics: business and consumer practices impacting future generations will be discussed in this presentation.
speaker: Ursula Matias

Fail! How the news media is letting down American society
speaker: John Kerezy

Human Trafficking: Many people are not aware of the severity of the human trafficking problem in the United States, and even here in Cleveland. As a health care professional and volunteer working with the survivors of human trafficking, Diana Kovacic has seen the problem first-hand. This speech discusses the problem of human trafficking as well as the physical and psychological toll it takes upon its victims.
speaker: Diana Kovacic

The Impact of Social Class; Re-Framing the Conversation to Increase Success: This informative and entertaining presentation provides an in-depth analysis of what social class really means and how difficult transition between classes can become. This presentation is interactive and will produce lively conversation and debate for attendees.
speaker: Kevin Berg

Influence of the Media on our Culture
speaker: John Kerezy

Information Technology Security Breaches - How Can This Happen? There have been several recent news stories of major information technology breaches that have compromised the personal information of consumers. This speech is intended for members of the general public and will discuss hacking and the efforts of ethical professionals to stay one step ahead of those seeking to circumvent security procedures.
speaker: John Dolinar

Skills Gap: Despite high unemployment, many employers report having job openings that they cannot find workers with the necessary skills to fill those positions. This speech will discuss why there are so many open positions that cannot get filled, including issues such as the lack of interpersonal communication and leadership skills in the workforce, the lack of adaptability and flexibility needed to compete in today's job market, and technological advancements that are rendering skills obsolete within two years. It will also offer tips for education and training strategies to address this reality. The speech can be customized based upon audience interest, or to allow for audience discussion.
speaker: Victoria Berry

Today's Media: Jack Hagan has spent a lifetime as a journalist.  He worked at The Cleveland Plain Dealer for 30 years, both as a reporter and an editor, before changing careers to teach journalism on the college level.  His presentation includes an analysis of the future of newspapers, the influence of the Internet on the media, the quality of present-day news coverage and related topics: What happens when newspapers cut back on staff? Should we care if newspapers disappear? How is the prevalence of social media affecting journalism?  Are blogs good for journalism? Is the media biased? His presentation is interactive as he involves his audiences in lively discussions of what's going on in today's media.
speaker: Jack Hagan

Understanding the Implications of Globalization and Educational Opportunities in America
speaker: Dr. JaNice Marshall

Veterans Services: Cuyahoga Community College Executive Director of Veterans Programs and Services, Rick DeChant, will discuss the current environment for veterans utilizing their education benefits as well as recent veterans services developments at the county, state and federal levels.
speaker: Rick DeChant

Women and Girls along the Silk Road - Struggles and Triumphs in the 21st Century: Educator, trainer and women's rights advocate Rachel Anderson presents an engaging dialogue about the progress and perils facing women and girls along the Silk Road in Asia and the Middle East. How are girls and women faring in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey and Syria? Will the gains made in Afghanistan post-Taliban become lost? Why are girls still having trouble accessing school? Why is Malala's story so compelling?
speaker: Rachel Anderson

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