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Youth Services (topics for children and youth) 

African American Males Success Strategies: Tools for success.
speaker: Terry A. Webb

Balancing Academics and Athletics: As a former college athlete, Ms. Campbell will discuss tips for balancing academics and athletics and preparing for life after college athletics. This speech is intended for current athletes at the middle school, high school, or college level.
speaker: Cicely D. Campbell

Bullying - defining it and how we can approach it: A speech to help children and their families to recognize bullying when they see it and to understand the negative impact it can have not only in the immediate, but in the long term as well. The speech offers tips on how to deal with bullying in positive ways such as humor and ways to change our "beliefs" about bullying, which can lead to different consequences about how we perceive it.
speaker: David G. Nardecchia 

Bullying, Cyberbullying, and Being Left Out
speaker: David G. Nardecchia

speaker: Dr. Gary Carrington

Becoming a Programming Rock Star: 5 Traits that Make a  Great Programmer: A discussion about many similar traits shared by programmers and musicians as well as suggetions on what you need to do to become a programming "rock star". Professor Weisfeld has also written an article on this same topic that can be viewed here.
speaker: Matt A. Weisfeld

Careers in Information Technology: This speech is intended for middle-school or high-school youth. It will present an introduction to some of the careers in information technology such as web design, database design, programming, network support and security. It will also discuss the types of organizations that employ these professionals.
speaker: John Dolinar

The College Athletic Recruitment Process: Do you think you have what it takes to attend college on an athletic scholarship? This speech will discuss the college athletic recruitment process from the perspective of a former college athlete and will offer tips for success during the recruitment process as well as in college and in life. This speech is intended for high school athletes aspiring to play at the college level.
speaker: Cicely D. Campbell

Civics Education
speaker: Angela Ugran

Defeating Self-Imposed Limitations: This is a goal setting, self-exploratory workshop.
speaker: Terry A. Webb

Dress for Success; Not Arrest
speaker: Dr. Gary Carrington

Financial Literacy for Kids: This presentation covers basic financial principles - such as earning money, spending it wisely, and saving - in a format that is engaging and entertaining for children.
speaker: Kellie Emrich

Healthy Relationships
speaker: Dr. Gary Carrington, David G. Nardecchia

Internet Safety for Children and Teens: Helping children and teens to understand dangerous situations that exist on the internet, and what parents can do to put safeguards in place to protect their children.
speaker: Kevin Berg

Leader Who? A leadership workshop for young adults that focuses on identifying, defining and developing as a leader.
speaker: Terry A. Webb

speakers: Dr. Charles Dull, Kellie Emrich, Dr. Gary Carrington

Math Anxiety
speaker: Carilynn Bouie

Note Taking: How to take notes in an academic environment.
speaker: Terry A. Webb

Peer Relationships, Conscience Development, and How to Make Good Decisions Under Peer Pressure to do Otherwise
speaker: Karen Goulandris

Self Esteem: How to improve your self-esteem.
speaker: Terry A. Webb

Student Athletes, Alcohol, and Substances: Helping to Make Better Decisions
speaker: David G. Nardecchia

Study Skills
speaker: Michael Lanstrum

Test Anxiety: What it is, and how to control it.
speaker: Terry A. Webb

Test Taking Strategies: Tips for taking standardized tests and short answer tests.
speaker: Terry A. Webb

The Transition for High School to College:
What I wish someone would have told me before I went to college.
speaker: Terry A. Webb

What Does It Take To Become A Nurse? This speech discusses the academic and personal skills necessary to become a nurse, the process of progressing through nursing school, and career options in nursing. It is intended for audiences considering a career in nursing, or exploring career options.
speaker: Kelly Cloonan

Why Planning Matters - Life, Education and Career Planning for Youth
speaker: Dr. JaNice Marshall

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