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Societal Issues/Sociology 


Aging and the socioeconomic environment
speaker: Dr. Valerie S. Brown
How to help older adults live independently
speaker: Hector Merced
The Criminal Justice System
Dress for Success; Not Arrest
speaker: Dr. Gary Carrington
Juvenile Justice and the Adolescent System
speaker: Kevin Berg
Re-entry for Ex-offenders: With more ex-offenders returning to Cleveland than any other city in Ohio, this is an issue that affects our entire community. This speech will discuss the problems encountered by ex-offenders in re-entering society after serving their sentences, the factors that lead to recidivism and what can be done to help ex-offenders to become productive members of society.
speaker: Victoria Berry
Human Rights
Rights of People with Disabilities
speaker: Mary Sender
Social Class
Financial Psychology Rich and Poor; An age long question with a simple answer
speaker: Todd Allyn Williams
The Impact of Social Class; Re-Framing the Conversation to Increase Success: This informative and entertaining presentation provides an in-depth analysis of what social class really means and how difficult transition between classes can become. This presentation is interactive and will produce lively conversation and debate for attendees.
speaker: Kevin Berg
 speaker: Dr. Valerie S. Brown
Self-sufficiency for low-income / at risk groups: What does it take to break the cycle of poverty in our communities? This speech will discuss the motivational, financial, social and political resources that have proven to help break this cycle.
speaker: Victoria Berry
Social Policy
Social Policy and Program Evaluation
speaker: Angela Ugran
Sociology and Social Science Research Methods
speaker: Dr. Valerie S. Brown

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