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Financial Literacy/Financial Planning 

Beginning Financial Literacy
speaker: Kellie Emrich

Financial education, the lost curriculum: Financial education over the years has been left up to hope and chance. In this presentation we take a hard look at how we have been taught to manage our resources, and what steps need to be taken to improve our knowledge and application of financial understanding, financial management, and how to create wealth.
speaker: Todd Allyn Williams

The money boot camp: basic training for mastering the art of financial war: Economics and finance are terms that are most talked about, but least able to be applied. This presentation goes beyond the rhetoric and gives practical solutions to apply true economic and financial concepts that will help participants grow their wealth.
speaker: Todd Allyn Williams

Money and Women. The special relationship: With the 21st century comes a new paradigm regarding women in the workforce, women at the head of households, and at the head of the boardroom. Do women and men react differently to financial situations? Do women have a special intuition? We explore these and similar questions in the pursuit of wealth development.
speaker: Todd Allyn Williams

The Perfect Financial Storm, and What You Can Do to Survive It: Rising debt, shrinking value of currency, rising costs, shrinking revenue - these are just a few of the shock waves that are now moving across the global landscape. This presentation looks at the current financial challenges on the horizon, and what you can do to protect your wealth development.
speaker: Todd Allyn Williams

Understanding the Wizard of Oz: Reading behind the financial headlines: Much like in the Wizard of Oz, financial headlines can leave you frightened and paralyzed by looking at the seemingly ominous situation that has you asking "what's going on?" In this presentation, we look "behind the curtain" and explain how to interpret positive and negative financial headlines as they relate to your wealth development.
speaker: Todd Allyn Williams

What's the difference between the rich and the poor? An age old question with a 21st century answer: Those households in the top one percent are very different than those in the ninety-nine percent. Why? Because of their money concepts. Are there things that can be done to change ones financial position in life now? This presentation takes a hard look at the differences between wealthy and poor people, and shows how one can create wealth regardless of circumstances.
speaker: Todd Allyn Williams

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