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Diversity and Cultural Topics 


African American Males: An Endangered Species
speaker: Dr. Gary Carrington

Appreciating Cultural Diversity
speaker: Dr. Nahla Harik-Williams

Azerbaijan: Speaker Jessica Nelson served in the Peace Corps for one year in Azerbaijan, a republic located on the border of Europe and Asia between Russia and Iran, and lived there extensively over a period of nine years. This speech discusses Azeri culture, language, or geopolitics.
speaker: Jessica Nelson

Black Cleveland History: A Reflective Look Back:
This presentation will take a look back at the role as well as importance that African-Americans played in crafting a presence in the Black Cleveland community. Topics explored will include, but are not limited to, the influence of African American politicians, inventors, film entertainers, athletes and musicians in the Cleveland community. This presentation will reflect on this history as well as instill self-confidence in the audience members to pursue their dreams.
speaker: Terry Echols

Body Image in the African American Community
speaker: Dr. Angela Mensah

Caucasus: The Caucasus is a region at the border of Europe and Asia that is home to the Caucasus Mountains and consists of Southwestern Russia and the northern parts of Georgia and Azerbaijan. The Caucasus is one of the most linguistically and culturally diverse regions in the World. In its history it has been part of the Ottoman Empire and the Soviet Union. Languages spoken include Armenian, Georgian, Azerbaijani, and Russian; and the region is also religiously diverse including Eastern Orthodox Christians, Oriental Orthodox Christians, and Sunni Muslims and Shia Islam. Speaker Jessica Nelson spent one year in the Peace Corps in Azerbaijan, and has lived in the region three times since 2004. She will discuss her experiences.
Speaker: Jessica Nelson

Cross-Cultural Adjustment
speaker: Dr. Nahla Harik-Williams

Cultural Competencies: Expanding your business into new markets requires knowledge of various approaches into a variety of cultures, which expand far beyond race and/or ethnicity.
speaker: Nirvana St. Cyr

speakers: Kevin Berg, Dr. Gary Carrington, Dr. Phyllis Dukes, Dr. Nahla Harik-Williams, Hugh Littleton

Ethnic History of Cleveland: A narrative history of the many ethnic groups that migrated to the Cleveland area from the early 19th to the 20th century. Included will be a discussion of the migration of the many ethnic groups to Cleveland, the places where they worked, the neighborhoods they developed and the effect they had on the history of the City of Cleveland.
speaker: David A. Bernatowicz

Germany: Dr. Klaus Tenbergen was born and raised in Germany. He can discuss German culture, traditions, cuisine or other topics based upon audience request.
speaker: Dr. Klaus Tenbergen

Health and Culture
speaker: Dr. Valerie S. Brown

Language and the People Around Us: This presentation will discuss the communication needs that we have when we speak with people from other cultures, countries and languages. This presentation will also include some interactive "role playing" to increase the participants' new skills with intercultural communication in their lives.
speaker: Matthew Pierce

Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender/Questioning (LGBTQ) Topics
speaker: Dr. Michelle Nicopolis

Providing Culture Sensitive Health Care to Latino Clients
speaker: Hector Merced

South Africa: Dr. Klaus Tenbergen lived in South Africa for nearly ten years, where he owned and operated a restaurant, bakery, confectionery and coffee shop. He can discuss South African culture, traditions, cuisine or other topics based upon audience request.
speaker: Dr. Klaus Tenbergen

Women and Girls along the Silk Road: Struggles and Triumphs in the 21st Century: Educator, trainer and women's rights advocate Rachel Anderson presents an engaging dialogue about the progress and perils facing women and girls along the Silk Road in Asia and the Middle East. How are girls and women faring in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey and Syria? Will the gains made in Afghanistan post-Taliban become lost? Why are girls still having trouble accessing school? Why is Malala's story so compelling?
speaker: Rachel Anderson

Women of Color - "Double Minorities" in the Academy
speaker: Dr. Angela Mensah

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