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Computer Literacy 


Agile Project Management
speaker: James Leasure

Basic Computer Security for Amateurs
speaker: James Leasure

Becoming a Programming Rock Star: 5 Traits that Make a Great Progammer: A discussion about many similar traits shared by programmers and musicians as well as suggestions on what you need to do to become a programming "rock star". Professor Weisfeld has also written an article on this same topic, which can be viewed here.
speaker: Matt A. Weisfeld

Careers in Information Technology: This speech will present an introduction to some of the careers in information technology such as web design, database design, programming, network support and security. It will also discuss the types of organizations that employ these professionals.
speaker: John Dolinar

Cisco (professional audiences)
speaker: Hamid Abdollahian

Computer Literacy
speaker: James Leasure

Computer Literacy: Today, computers and information technology seem to be a daily presence in our personal and professional lives. However; many individuals, of all ages, in our community remain computer illiterate - unable to access the increasing amounts of information and services that are going digital. This speech will discuss this "digital divide" and its effects on our community.
speaker: Victoria Berry

Computer Programming
speaker: James Leasure

The Education of a Programmer: A Review of Job Types and Corresponding Academic Credentials: A discussion about what categories of programming careers exist, what degrees/certificates are available in pursuit of these programming jobs and what employers are looking for to fill these positions. This speech is based upon two recent articles written by Professor Weisfeld, learn more by viewing his bio below.
speaker: Matt A. Weisfeld

Editing Techniques and Visual Resources
speaker: Joseph P. Koskovics

eLearning 2.0 - the NextGeneration of eLearning is Here:  Curious about the NextGeneration of eLearning? The mission of this presentation is to explore strange new eLearning technologies, to seek out new and effective ways of teaching and learning in the 21st Century, boldly going where few eLearners have gone before. This presentation is a whirlwind tour through emerging trends and technology in eLearning including social learning systems, edugaming, mobile learning, apps, badges and more!
speaker: Sasha Thackaberry

Enterprise Systems (professional audiences)
speaker: Peter Anderson

Information Technology
speaker: Hamid Abdollahian

Information Technology Security
(for professional or student audiences)
speakers: Hamid Abdollahian, John Dolinar

Information Technology Security Breaches - How Can This Happen?
There have been several recent news stories of major information technology breaches that have compromised the personal information of consumers. This speech is intended for members of the general public and will discuss hacking and the efforts of ethical professionals to stay one step ahead of those seeking to circumvent security procedures.
speaker: John Dolinar

Internet Safety for Children and Teens:
Helping children and teens to understand dangerous situations that exist on the internet, and what parents can do to put safeguards in place to protect their children.
speaker: Kevin Berg

Media Editing on the PC and Mac
speaker: Joseph P. Koskovics

Personal Home Computer Security:
How to use and maintain security software on your home computer to protect yourself from those seeking to compromise your personal information or damage your computer.
speaker: John Dolinar 

Personal Computers and Tablets
speaker: Joseph P. Koskovics

Personal Safety on the Internet
speaker: Joseph P. Koskovics

speaker: Hamid Abdollahian

Television Operations
speaker: Joseph P. Koskovics

Understanding Digital Signage (Basics)
speaker: Joseph P. Koskovics

Using Microsoft Office Software
speaker: James Leasure

What Home Computer Equipment Meets Your Needs?  And, How to Use and Maintain Your Home Computer Equipment.
speaker: Peter Anderson

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