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On-Campus Recruiting FAQs 

What are the benefits to participate in Information Tables?

  • To promote your organization and employment opportunities (i.e., internships/co-ops, seasonal help, part-time and full-time) to all students, alumni and community members. 
  • To establish an on-campus presence at Tri-C campus with a focus and commitment to hire students, alumni and community members affiliated with the college.
  • To prospect talent pool enrolled in the “credit” or “non credit” programs. 
  • To get a competitive edge and first chance face to face meeting with our talented students, alumni and community members.  
  • This is a FREE event.
  • To understand and learn about the programs offered at Tri-C.

Who can attend?

  • All employers with a strong interest in considering our students, alumni and community members for employment.

When do we offer on campus recruiting?

  • Information tables are offered on Tuesday (Eastern campus),Wednesday (Western) and Thursday (Metro campus).
  • Contact your Employer Relations Representative at each campus via email or phone.

What to expect?

  • Information tables are available from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. during high peak traffic time. You will have one 6 foot long table with two chairs. Set up can begin at 10:30 a.m.
  • To promote your organization’s products or services, career opportunities, business culture, and facility sites.
  • Conduct informal conversations with students as they are in between classes.
  • Participate with up to 5 employers during the designated employer information table day to increase your visibility and draw students to meet you

How to get the most from information sessions?

  • Schedule the information table at least 3-4 weeks prior to the on campus visit.
  • Post jobs/internships on College Central Network prior to on-campus visit. 
  • Provide employer literature, job postings, and promotional items.
  • Collect resumes or direct them to your website and explain how to apply for jobs.
  • Consider scheduling students for on-site interview and/or discuss follow up with student and career center staff.

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