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What are the employer advantages to hiring a co-op student?

  • Employers gain motivated employees to meet their short -term employment needs.
  • Co-op simplifies the recruitment process for employers.
  • Co-op is an effective way to recruit future full time employees.
  • Co-op is a great way to form an effective relationship with Cuyahoga Community College.
  • Co-op is a very flexible program.
  • Contributes to a source of diverse talent.
  • Promotes cost-effective orientation and new employee training.

Do I have to pay the co-op student?

  • Yes, co-op students are paid employees, as required by prevailing laws and The Ohio Board of Regents.  Students must be paid at least minimum wage, however it is encouraged that wages are competitive as it relates to function. 

What are the pay rates for co-ops?

  • Ask your employer relations specialist for additional information:
  • Average co-op hourly wage by job function, 2012. Go to for more information.
  • Accounting $11.87
  • Engineering $15.18
  • Human Resources $12.27
  • Information Technology $13.73
  • Marketing/Communications $11.09
  • Operations $12.16
  • Research (Scientific) $14.00
  • Research (Non-scientific) $9.67
  • Sales/Customer Service $10.75
  • Non-profit/Health & Human Services N/A

How many hours can a co-op student work?

  • A required minimum of 180 hours of work is necessary to award 1 academic credit hour. Students can earn up to 3 credit hours per semester.
Do I have to provide the co-op student with benefits?
  • No

Will I have to come to Tri-C for meetings regarding the co-op student?

  • No, the employer will provide general employment information such as the company history, job location, period of employment, salary, hours, supervisors name, address and phone number, the student’s job title with a description of the work related activities and responsibilities as planned.  The employer will also help out the performance evaluations (Midterm and Final)

What are the prerequisites for students seeking co-op opportunities?

  • Be currently enrolled in Tri-C
  • Be working toward a degree or program certification
  • Have completed 12 credits of college coursework, transfer credits included
  • Have taken at least two courses related to the major field or have equivalent experience (subject to employer’s requirements).
  • Have a GPA of 2.75 or better
  • Complete the co-op application and orientation process
  • Complete and sign a Cooperative Education Agreement form
  • Complete 3 workshops on job readiness:  Resumes That Get Results, Ace That Interview, and Next Steps to Job Success.

I have never hired a co-op student before. How do I get started?

  • If this is a one-time hiring experience, the Career Center team and Employer Relations Specialist will walk you through the steps.
  • If you're thinking of creating a co-op program for your business we recommend contacting program managers Patrick Britton 216.420.9200 x234 or or Brenda Davis Smith 216-420-9200 x223 or
  • NOCHE's internship management workshops are designed for any Northeast Ohio employer interested in starting a co-op program or improving an existing program. Learn more at .


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